Divided Art 2021 pieces

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More About the Artists...

Ally Hrncir

Ally Hrncir is a locally grown Alaskan artist. She is 16 and currently attends Career and Tech High School.

Acrylic painting is her main form of artistic expression. She also screenprints and draws. Any spare moment she has is spent painting.

She is co-owner or Glacier Graphics which is a shirt design business that features her art on clothing.



Email:  akglaciergraphics@gmail.com

Angela Buck



Cancel “cancel culture “

Everything has a voice. Even your old furniture.

Email: ehdidi1@gmail.com

Barb Howard


I was born and raised in Alaska, moved to the Valley in 1978 where my husband and I raised two sons while exploring, adventuring and appreciating the wonderfulness here.


My first artistic influence was my mom; she was not artistic, yet had a deep appreciation of individual skills and talents.  She encouraged and enabled me to delve into the arts at an early age in multiple mediums. I also found the works of indigenous peoples, classical artists, Georgia O’Keefe....well, most all art inspired and continues to inspire me.


The mediums I play with include pencils; a favorite for creating the annual Christmas cards I send, acrylics, watercolor and fiber; felting and spinning are fun too.


Where the fascinating world of art will take me next will be a delightful surprise.

Brinley Furrer

I'm a 17 year old who has been surrounded by art my whole life. Coming from a large family, I find most of my inspiration in tranquil and quiet moments of living things.


My preferred mediums are acrylic paints and graphite, though I would love to get to explore with oil paints at some point. 

Carley Edwards

Carley Edwards is a Pediatric MA and Vaccine Coordinator by day, yet an avid painter by night. She is most enamored by Alaska’s oceans, rivers, and what lies within them. 

Historically, she studied International Baccalaureate Arts programs and even younger programs as a child. She founded Star Valley High School’s Art Club that went on to create art for the entire high school. 

Carley specializes in large salmon paintings and someday hopes to conquer a whale. 

Emily Gelino-Bequette

Emily Gelino-Bequette, a lifelong Alaskan, became a professional artist in 2016 after graduating from the University of Alaska with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. She sells her work under the studio name Guilded Dragonfly in several shops in the valley, events such as Friday Fling, and online. Emily works in several media including functional pottery and hand-built clay sculpture, oil painting, drawing, and jewelry. Her art is inspired by nature, with strong light and design elements. A big part of her artistry is about exploring the relationship between people and art. Her dream is to one day have a studio/gallery where she can share working space and provide opportunities for emerging artists while creating a wholesome community of creative people and art lovers.



instagram: guildeddragonfly_em

Marcelle Foxley Roemmich

Marcelle Foxley Roemmich grew up in Palmer, Alaska and has always had a love for the ocean. As a child, she would travel to Southeast Alaska every summer where she would spend her days on the ocean, swimming in the water, pulling up crab pots, exploring little islands from a skiff, and discovering all the amazing creatures living in the tide pools. Summers on Admiralty Island were influential on her well-being as well as her art. As she grew up, her love for the water also developed and she landed her first job as a captain in 2014.

Her grandfather, a commercial fisherman, left her a large stack of nautical charts. What better to do with lovely charts then to paint on them?! She fell in love with exploring many techniques representing different marine wildlife and other land mammals on charts, topo maps, and aeronautical charts. Marcelle now has a large collection of charts and topo maps from all over Alaska. Typically she paints animals, boats or planes geographically specific to the charts.

She now resides in the quirky little town of Whittier Alaska where she drives the M/V Ptarmigan on Portage Lake for Portage Glacier Cruises during the summer. In the winter months she Lives in Seward, Alaska where she spends her time painting.

She went to Montana State University, where she received a B.A. in Art Education. She takes commissioned work anytime of the year, but usually won’t start painting until her down months in the winter. If you would like to order more prints or commission a specific piece, contact her at marcelleroemmich@gmail.com


All prints and hats are available online at her Etsy store



Instagram: @nauticalchart

Marilyn Bennett

Palmer, Alaska

In 2017 Marilyn retired to Alaska,

then joined an art group in 2018.

She began painting Alaska scenes

in 2019 and by 2020 had painted a wide variety of colorful mountain and lake paintings.

Now it's 2021 and Marilyn is ready to market these cheerful 

acrylic paintings to the public so

she can continue to paint 

The paintings are all 7 1/2"  X 10" on self hanging canvas.

They are $35.00 each.

Contact Marilyn for more information or to purchase a painting.


Nahkia Holiday

I am from Bloomfield, New Mexico I am half white, quarter Navajo, quarter Mexican. I was raised in somewhat of the Navajo traditions. I have 5 siblings. 4 brothers 1 sister. I’m the oldest. 

I love art but it’s definitely something to relieve my stress. I want to be a Doctor and just got accepted into southern Virginia university.


My Instagram is Aspen.Holiday that’s where I show my art.

Nicole Midgett

I’m Nicole Midgett from Ketchikan, Alaska. I’ve grown up living all over the state of Alaska as well as Michigan and New Jersey due to my dad’s military service.  I have always loved creating art and since moving to the Mat-Su my goal has been to take all of the art classes Colony High School has to offer.