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MVR staffing issues...
No donations 5/26-6/1
Short hours 5/27 - 11am-2pm

Matsu Valley Rebuild

Building Sustainability

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Matsu Valley Rebuild provides an opportunity for used and surplus building materials to be diverted from the waste stream and recirculated into usefulness. We promote the benefits of sustainability through basic education, logical resourcing and community-building. MVR works to strengthen the environmental, economic and community fabric of the Mat-Su Valley.


Reduce, Save and Reuse

Future Programs

planned for MVR...

The store is just the beginning!


Tool loan library

Just like a book library; register then sign out a tool for that one project instead of buying it and storing it to collect dust.


Matsu Valley Rebuild

567 South Denali Street

Wasilla, AK 99654

Wed - Sat 11am-5pm

*Donations accepted during

store hours until 4pm

(907) 373-1122

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